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Simply professional.

Our philosophy

"The agronomic efficiency of a fertilizer is determined not by its content, but by the quantity of nourishment it can deliver effectively to the crop."

Simply professional.

About Us

GlucoGarden® fertilizers are a new line of products from Intertim Ltd originated from the professional GlucoHumates™ range, intended for home or hobby gardeners.

We love bringing you joy of planting your own fruits, vegetables, flowers and making your lawns beautiful.

More about Intertim

We want to make you professionals,
by making plantation simple.

  • Best solution for growing VEGETABLES
    GlucoGarden® microgranules
    GlucoGarden® VEGGIES
  • Best solution for LAWN & FLOWERS
    GlucoGarden® microgranules
    GlucoGarden® LAWN & FLOWERS
  • Best solution for growing FRUITS
    GlucoGarden® microgranules
    GlucoGarden® FRUITS

Why the name GlucoGarden®?

The name GlucoGarden® derives from our professional line GlucoHumates™. We made professional products available to hobby gardeners.

Thanks to your products my home looks more like a botanic garden than an apartment. I enjoy every second that I am home.

– Ines D.

Simple application drew me to your products. My wife and son love every meal with our homegrown vegetables.

– Dražen M.

My friends are always jealous of my plants. I guess the secret is out now 🙂

– Natalija J.

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